Limitless 4K GPS 5G Battery 7.4V 2800mAh - 25min Flight Time

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  • LONG FLIGHT TIME: This high-capacity battery allows your LIMITLESS Drone to stay in the air for 25 mins on 1 charge! Extended flight time and fun is not a problem when you have
  • INTELLIGENT and PRACTICAL: 4 LED lights allow you to see how much battery power remains. Just press the button and see the power status.
  • DURABLE: Just by holding this battery you'll be able to tell how well constructed it is. Made from highly durable materials allows this battery to last for the lifetime of your LIMITLESS Drone
  • SAFE: Made from fire-proof materials makes this Lipo battery safe to use in your quadcopter
Brand: Drone-Clone Xperts Usage: Drone X Pro LIMITLESS Quadcopter Voltage: 7.4V Capacity: 2800mAh Battery Type: Lipo 2S Flight Time: About 25mins Charging Time: About 5h Charging Type: 5V USB Charging Weight: 160g Package Contents: 1x LIMITLESS Battery (charger not included) Practical and durable with stable performance, great backup. Made from fire-proof and explosion-proof material, safe to use. Long flying time: about 25mins, charging time: about 240mins. 7.4V 2800mAh Modularized Li-Po Battery Over charge protection, short circuit protection, rechargeable up to hundreds of times.

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