Dragon X5 Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Phone Gaming Controller for Android and PCs

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Support for Android  / Win XP / 7/8/10 System with Bluetooth connection and for PS3 game console with a wireless connection. **Does not support IOS 13 or 14

For smart phones / tablets / smart TVs, set-top boxes / PCs / PS3 game consoles.

The analog function L2 / R2 provides detailed experience, you can precisely control the game.

The Turbo acceleration function is powerful and efficient for your game playing.

Multimedia functions in the mouse mode: volume down / volume up / play or pause / previous track / next track.

Last up to 10 hours on a single charge

***This device may not support IOS 13 or above

You need to download an app call V3 Shooting plus in the Google Play/App Store to use this on your phone


Item Type: Bluetooth Gamepad

Product: 6.30" x 3.94"  1.18"

Package Include

1x Bluetooth Gamepad

1x Charging Cable

1x Manual

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