925 Sterling Silver and Blue Opal Lotus Flower Necklace

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  • Design source: The design of the lotus hollow necklace is inspired by the top view of the lotus flower. The delicate lotus flower is embellished with blue synthetic opal. The pendant style is simple and elegant.

  • Material: 925 sterling silver, nickel-free, not allergic to the skin, harmless to health. The whole lotus pendant is plated with platinum, which makes the color bright and not easy to fade.

  • Size and chain length: The size of the lotus is: 21*21mm (0.82*0.82 inches). The length of the chain is 18+2 inches, and the length of the extended chain can be adjusted to suit customers of different sizes.

  • Jewelry Maintenance: 1. Avoid chemicals 2.Avoid taking a shower while wearing 3. Avoid impact and scratch 4.Avoid wearing when sweating a lot 5. Wiping with a soft cloth Silver Maintenance: 1. To maintain silver dry, do not wear swimming, not close to the hot springs and sea water, cosmetics, etc. When not best to use a good bag sealed to prevent the silver surface in contact with air oxidized black. 2. For routine cleaning squeeze a little toothpaste on silver top, add a little water, rub to play the appropriate small amount of bubbles, and then gently wipe the inside and outside a small brush, then rinse with water.

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