Heat Sense Foot and Pedicure Spa with Heated Bubble Massage

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  • Enjoy a luxurious foot treatment with the Conair Heat Sense Foot and Pedicure Spa with Heated Bubble Massage. Soothe and invigorate achy foot muscles and joints with the foot spa designed to deliver a complete, warm massage in the comfort of your home. A single toe-touch button activates Heat Sense technology that warms the water to a perfect 104°F i(40 oC)n minutes.
    A torrent of relaxing bubbles and massaging foot rollers relieve and refresh from heel to toe. The large foot bath basin easily accommodates even most men’s sizes. Ideal for tired feet, the Heat Sense Foot and Pedicure Spa is an oasis of relief and relaxation you will look forward to at the end of your busy day.
  • Heat Sense heating element in base for fast, efficient water heating for a thermal massage and spa-like experience
  • Foot spa comforts feet with invigorating bubbles and calming heat
  • Massaging foot rollers relax from heel to toe
  • Toe-touch button operates features

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